Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey guys!

I am separated and ready to move on with my life. I have one child, who has just recently moved out on her own, so am pretty much free to start a new life for myself. My friends tell me I am incrediby kind, generous and fun. I am described as a "striking" and "classy" lady. I love long walks on a beach, hiking in the forest, gardening, watching the sunset, listening to the birds early in the morning and just being around nature. Communication and honesty are very important to me. I am very romantic and value closeness in a relationship. It's the little things that matter, like cuddling, holding hands when going for a walk, or just a loving word now and then. I also think spontaneity is important between a couple. I like to travel whenever I can, as learning about other cultures and seeing other parts of the world is very intriguing to me. However, it would be nice to share these experiences with someone special.

I love animals and if you have children, I am definitely okay with that.

I love all kinds of music, rock & roll being my favorite. I like going to a neighborhood pub once in awhile or out to a club to listen to the music and dance if the song is right. Going out to dinner and then to a movie or concert would be a nice evening out, however, I am very easy to get along with, and just staying home and cuddling up to watch TV or a video would be considered just as nice.

If interested in getting to know me better, email me or send me a smile, otherwise all the best in your search for your soul mate.


Maggie & Mitch said...
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Marvin said...

Hi Amber, I do not have your new url,this is a sad day, but we are bowing out of blogging.

My J has had enough, 19 months, but we cannot do it any more.

Farewell sweet Solid Gold Dancer.

Faith and Chloe as well, and your Mama!

We will meet again.

love licks, Marvin xxxxxxxx

and sad light from Jeannie xxxxx

Baby Love said...

Huh? Where's the Solid Gold Dancer?

Team Husky said...

What's happening? Where are your new blogs have two url's.

Where are you Amber?

Team Husky

Turbo the Sibe said...

Just stopping by to say "ha woo."

duo_disaster said...
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dom dom said...
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dom dom said...
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The Zoo said...
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Girasol said...

Is that you Amber? where is the new blog?

Maya and Kena said...

Amber-Mae? Are you there?
We have been resting from blogging from a while and didn't get to see your blog... where did it go?
This day hasn't been too good fur us... we posted about Bruno and Lacy's passing away and now we can't find you... :(
-Maya and Kena

byalip said...

Hi Amber--

Fenway, the Border Collie here. I'm the new kid on the block and my enthusiasm is over the top. Thanks for checking out my blog...I try and paw something new each day. There's so much going on in my life since I am only 6 months old. So far, the world revolves around ME, but I'm still happy and balanced...a really good soul.

Can you sponsor me to become a member in the Dogs With Blogs site? They aren't allowing any new members UNLESS a current member emails them and sponsors them. I want to connect with so many more people and have them adore me like my humans do.

So, please let me in your Pack!!!


Saint Lover said...

Amber... hope everything is ok! I worry about you. You sort of completely disappeared. Miss seeing my solid gold dancer!

PE Order 2008 said...

I wonder if this blog belongs to Amber.... this post seems sad.
Be strong ! C ya at ur new blog !
Twister & Furby

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ToFFee said...

uhhh... Amber? Faith Chloe???

what happened to your blog???

where are you guys??!!

I just got back and I think I got losted again..